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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


SockCalc 1.5 is out.   Whoooooooooot!

The reason for the delay?  I tried to do to much.  Especially as the time since the last update got longer, I wanted to put more and more cool things in, and just got over my head.  Before I could finish, there'd be an IOS and Xcode update, and I'd have to relearn things. This is a slow process with a family and a career (that isn't iPhone development.)

Finally I got some sense and scaled all the way back. I fixed the things I absolutely had to fix - mostly display and rotation problems that came in with updates to IOS that changed the behaviors of things I as using.   To round it off, I put in one of the new features I was working on - the metric option.

Now you can use either English or Metric gauge and measurements, and you will get the same sock instructions either way. You can even flip back and forth - it will convert the numbers you've already entered to the new system.   I could watch it do that all day :o)

And the best news - I've got a lot more almost-ready new features. I'll be introducing more frequent updates with one or two new things.   The very next up is PDF export - you'll be able to open your sock instructions in any app on the device that can read PDF.